Hi, I’m AJ Fardin,
I’m here to help you with carts, that’s the reason behind creating this website.

Before starting this, I was a student of general line, Due to pandemic I had decided to make a website on things that I love to do and this will help me learn and earn. As an engineering student, it is easy to write and describe products(carts) to me.

First I learn about all categories of the cart and there are a huge number of cart categories. It becomes hard for me to learn and describe every little thing, In the end, I did it.

This site is all about carts, I started from how to build a cart at home to 10 best carts. I have written more than dozen of topics about the carts(buying Guide, how to build at home, How to change wheels, about cost/pricing, etc). I’ll add more categories about carts in the future, Which will help you to buy the best cart out there.

You can connect with me here on the contact page.

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