How Do Shopping Carts Lock (2021)

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We all have a shopping cart. usually, it is used to carry all of the groceries to the destinations. it helps to prevent carrying groceries by hand and it makes our life easier. But nowadays, everyone is facing the problem of losing shopping carts. To prevent this problem everyone should use something to lock the shopping cart. 

Shopping cart. How to prevent theft of a shopping cart

How Do shopping carts Lock:

There are many ways to lock a shopping cart. It is important to protect your shopping cart. There are many thefts and they theft those shopping carts from those stores. That’s why many stores use different techniques to save their carts. Moreover, there are various kinds of methods to ensure the safety of a shopping cart.

Here best the three common ways of keeping the shopping cart safe from theft. They are

  • Electronic and Magnetic System
  • Using Key Lock
  • Cart salvation Service

Electronic and Magnetic System:

This is one of the most used techniques to ensure the safety of a shopping cart. To use this system needed wheels and they are attached with a boot or wheel clamp.

Most of the shopkeepers used the parking space to be lined with a thin wire that prevents the wheel from passing over the wire and on the other side in the shop there is a horn and it is used to ringing. 

So the shopkeeper easily notices that who is taking the cart away. By using this technique a lot of sellers save their carts from stealing.

Using Key Lock:

Key lock is the most commonly used technique to lock a cart. To use this technique first organized the carts in a row then you use the key lock to lock them together or with a pole. 

When a customer will come, then any of the shopkeepers go and unlock one of a cart and give it to the customer. Then again he will lock the other carts together.

But this technique is not ensuring 100% of safety. Cause thieves are used a master key or duplicate key to unlock the key. So, be careful when this technique will be used.

Using Cart salvation Service:

This is a service and you will be charged for the salvation service. Though the service is cheaper than replacing the Shopping cart. in this method shopping carts needs branding with the logo of the company or companies name sticker. This is not the best solution but if you use this method it will help you to sure that it as belonging to your company.

These are the methods of keeping safe a shopping cart from theft. Following those steps will help you to prevent theft of the shopping cart.

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