How much are crazy carts

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Nowadays crazy cart riding has become more enjoyable. Crazy cart is a kind of go-kart. Moreover, crazy carts are becoming more reasonable than other times.

If you are a kid or adult and you want to buy a crazy cart. But you don’t have any idea of the price of a crazy cart. Then this article is for you and this will help you a lot. So, stay till the end.

crazy go cart

What is a crazy cart:

A crazy cart is a kind of quadricycle or open car. Crazy carts have come in different sizes and shapes. Generally, it has four wheels and it has a motor that is run by a battery.

Normally crazy carts are used in the amusement park and in the theme park. Nowadays people use to buy them to enjoy their free time.

How much is crazy carts Cost:

There are many kinds of crazy carts. The price of a crazy cart is different. Because there are many options. 

The average price of a crazy cart is between $160 To $800. However, you need to understand that there are different types of crazy carts. So, the price limit is not the same for different carts. 

Types of crazy carts:

There are different types of crazy carts. Because it is a sub-sector of go-karts. Usually, you will come out with three types of crazy carts. 

These three types of it have different structures and they have come with different price segments. So, the three types of crazy carts are:

  • Kids Crazy carts
  • Drifting crazy go-carts
  • Electric drifting crazy cart

How much are crazy carts for kids:

The price of the kid-crazy carts is around $160 to $250 USD. The sad part is there are only a few options of crazy cart for kids. A simplified drift system automatically engages rear-end drifts. So that drivers can keep both hands on the wheel at all times while focusing on steering and throttle control. Most of them come with a 12v electric battery.

How much are crazy carts Drifting crazy go-carts:

These crazy carts for adults. The price of these drifting crazy carts is around $350 to $550. These are the Ultimate Drifting Machine. 

Because Features variable speed foot pedal acceleration reaches speeds up to 12 mph. These are Includes a powerful 24V rechargeable battery system, charger, and lap/shoulder strap.

How much are Electric drifting crazy carts:

This section of the ultimate flagship electric crazy carts. So, the price of those electric drifting crazy carts is around $600 to $850. These are the full-size adult electric drifting crazy carts. 

The electric crazy carts Feature variable speed foot pedal acceleration reaches speeds up to 14-20 mph. The Max Rider Weight capacity is about 220 lb to 250lb. These crazy carts have come with a 24v to 36v battery. It can be used for up to 30 minutes to 50minutes.


This content is about all the price segments or crazy carts. This is mainly focused on how much does a crazy cart cost. We had gathered all the knowledge of the price segment of those crazy carts. So that, we can give you a proper idea about the price of a crazy cart. 



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