How Much Does Go-Karts Cost? (2021)

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A go-kart is a type of open-wheel car or quadricycle. Go-karts come in different types and forms. Different types of go-karts having different price segments. Go-karts used in amusement parks can be fitted with additional electronic controls.

Nowadays go-karts are popular. People always ask how much does a go-kart cost. In this article, you will get to know about every type of go-karts price.

What is a Go-Kart? :

A Go-kart is an open-four-wheel car. It is used by kids. Mainly Go-karts are two types and they are kid go-karts and another one is racing go-karts. However, in this line-up, there are many sub-sector of go-karts. Such as kid racing go-karts, kid off-road go-karts, Professional Go-karts, and so on.

How much do Racing Go-Kart Cost?:

The racing Go-karts have come in different price segments with different features. There are two types of racing go-karts. The racing go-karts are having bigger engines and some expensive parts. That’s why the price is similarly higher than any other normal karts.

The different types of Go cart cost:

Generally, you will find a ton of go-karts out there and that then you will get confused that which is the best option for you. Don’t worry this article will help you to find the best one you need. The average price of a racing go-Kart is starting from $3000 and finishes at $8000. The mid-range racing go-kart price starts from $3000 to $5000.

In this segment, you will find some go-karts that offering the best features. The best go-karts are BirelART AM29-511 and the CRG KT2. These are the best at this segment. The CRG KT2 has improved braking grip, lighter componentry, new multi-hole steering height adjustment, and magnesium components. CRG ROAD REBEL KZ. CRG’s most successful chassis.

The price of CRG KT2 price around $3900-$4800(USD). Another one is BirelART AM29-511 price is about $300-$3600(USD). Birel ARTC28-S11 is another option for less price and the price is about $2700(USD).

Now if you want to buy a professional and best Go-kart then you have to pay a lot. After all these professional go-karts are more expensive than mid-range go-karts.

The price of a professional racing kid-kart is about $5000-$10000(USD). It’s mean the more you play and the more you get. These go-karts come with all the best features and equipment and are perfect for a professional racing event.

So the best karts are at this price segment are CRG DD2 Dark Rider (with Rotax DD2), BSR2.0 ELECTRIC RACING KART, Kosmic Kart Mercury R KZ, Tony KartRacer 401 R KZ. These are the best go-kart. BSR2.0 ELECTRIC RACING KART price is about 15KW €7,800.00(Euro). The CRG DD2 Dark Rider (with Rotax DD2) price is about $8,880(USD).

How much do Kid Go-Kart Cost?

In the marketplace, you will a ton of kid and youth go-karts, and the features of those karts are quite similar and it becomes difficult for anyone to choose the best one. These are go-kart’s pricing lower than the racing karts. Kids go-karts are generally designed for kids and youth.

It is not made for the race it is made for kids to enjoy and a few of them are also used in the amusement park. The average cost of a kid-go kart is about $1000-$2500. There are also a few kid go-karts that’s come without an engine and it is called padel kid go-kart. The price of them is very low and it is about $150-$300.

They are also good for health. There are few go-karts actually they are racing too but smaller in size and it has smaller engine too. The best option for a kid racing go-kart is TonyKart Neos and the price of it is $2,500.00.

If you are having less budget and you want to buy a go-kart that comes with the best specifications at a low cost then you can check out Razor Dune Buggy, Power Wheels Dune Racer, Razor Dirt Quad – 24V Electric 4-Wheeler ATV – Twist-Grip Variable-Speed, Coleman Powersports Off Road Go Kart These carts have come with an engine with a low price.

The price is about $200-$400. These go-karts are having motors, engines, and batteries. These are not racing go-karts. These go-karts are uses by kids for enjoyment.

How much do Pedal Kid-Go karts:

In the marketplace, you will find a lot of pedal kid go-karts. Pedal kid-go karts are a good option for the kids. There are no worries about accidents. it is a kind of exercise and it will help to burn calories which will make them fit.

The cost of a pedal go-kart is around $100-$300. There are a few different kinds of pedal go-karts too. A few of them come with both engine and pedal. So, the best options for pedal go-karts are Segway Ninebot Electric GoKart Pro, Razor Dune Buggy, Hauck Nerf Battle Racer Pedal Go Kart. These pedal-go-karts are the best for any buyer.

How Much do Kid OFf-Road Racing-Kart Cost?

Kid Off-road racing kart is for kids, youth and cadets. These off-road racing kart prices are lower than another racing go-kart. They are mostly single-seater. It contains smaller engines and that’s why the price is low. The off-road kid go-kart price is around $500-$1500.

The best off-road go-karts are Razor Power Rider 360 Electric Tricycle Black, Coleman Powersports KT196, Powersports Go-Kart 110cc. These are the best option at this price segment.

How much do Off-Road Go-Kart Cost?

Off road racing go-kart. How much do off road go-kart cost

The off-road Go-kart is a four-wheeled powered vehicle designed for off-road. It is used as opposed to the longer established activities of racing go-karts used for racing on a paved road circuit. There are different types off-road go-kart Two seaters and one-seater is the most popular option.

In this segment you will find Coleman Powersports KT196 off-road go-kart, Jetson JetKart 2.0 Universal Hoverboard Attachment – Converts Hoverboard to Sit Down Electric Go Kart. These are the best option, The price is around $100-$1800(USD). The price of an off-road go-kart depends on its equipment, built materials, engineer quality, and so on. larger off-road go-kart cost around $3000. Cause they come with larger engines, heavy-duty built quality, more weight capacity.


This is the best guide of how much do go-kart cost. In this article, we had cover almost all the kinds of go-kart prices. This will give you an idea about the go-kart price and the best option or which one you should buy. Hope this article will help you, In case I missed out on any single topic then tell us in the comment below.

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