How To Build A Beach Cart/wagon?

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Today I’m going to discuss how to build a beach wagon. A beach wagon or cart is the most useful thing that needs to before going to the beach. In the last article, we describe how to pack up a beach cart and now we are going to describe how to build a beach cart.

What is a beach cart?

A beach cart or wagon is a heavy four-wheeled vehicle. Which is used for keeping things like portable cooler Sunglasses, sunscreen, hats, and towel life jackets, and swimming Gear Umbrella foldable chairs water-resistant bags Games equipment. books and food items. Probably a beach is a cart that can run on the sand. 

A beach cart is made of steel, aluminum, plastic, Pvc. A few beach carts have come with metal frames. There are two types of beach carts and they are foldable and the other one is non-foldable.

how to make a beach wagon

To build a beach wagon or cart first you need a few items to buy. To build a PVC beach cart you can buy direct.PVC bed of the cart from the marketplace. Now in this article, I’m going to describe how can you build a beach cart.

First, you have to make a basket like a shopping cart made of steel or you can use your old shopping cart to make things easier. If you want to build from the first then you have managed a few items and they are

  • Five Steel plates, 30″x15″ inches 1, 30″ x20inches 2, and 10″xw20″ inches two plate.
  • Welding machine(MIG)
  • 2 wheels with balloon tires
  • Axle for wheels
  • Handle
  • Handle grip
  • Measure tape 
  • Latch stand brackets

After Managing all of those items now take the bottom steel plate, the size is about 30″ x15″ inches. Then we are going to take another 2plates of both sides right and left. 

Now we have to joint them with the bottom side steel plate so we need the MIG welding machine. if you Don’t know how to weld or how to use a welding MIG machine, then watch this video:

Hope you make it well on both sides. if It looks fine then we need to take another two steel plates of front and back sides. use the same technique to join them. 

After jointing all the sides we can make sure of jointing the handle. Before use, a MiG welder makes sure you have inserted a handle grip For your comfortable. Now it’s complete of making the body of a beach cart. Now we need to add axles and wheels.

how to make a beach cart with balloon tires

Now we need to add wheels with balloon tires. First, turn the cart body onto its backside now add the latch stand brackets with the MIG welding machine. Next, attach the rear tongue part to the latch stand bracket. To secure the tongue lock it into the latch. Now attack the axle part. Inserting the axle through the holes in the wheel support and rear tongue section.

Next, we will attach the wheels with balloon tires. First, assemble the spacer tube part onto the end of the axle. Then add to the axle a one-inch flat washer part take the wheel with the valve stem facing out and another one-inch flat washer. Now secure the wheel in place with a cotter pin. Spreading the ends of the cotter pin. So that a hub cap can fit over the pin then snap a hub cap by pressing it onto the flat washer.

Now repeat the same for the other wheels. Make sure to use the cotter pin. Hurray! you have made your own beach cart at a low cost and in the home. Hope you have done it and it is ready to go, Now you can go on the beach with your own cart.

Why ballon wheels

Ballon wheels and normal wheels, Why you have to use ballon wheels? Ballon is more costly than rubber wheels or other wheels. Ballon tires are better for sand than any other wheels they will help you to make a heavy load and you can easily push or pull the tires, On the other side the rubber tires and it is hard for them to move on the sand when you will carry the heavy load it becomes harder for them to carry heavy loads.

Using normal with heavy loads is going to make your heart rate higher and you will be tired easily. So, You can use the ballon tires it can easily move on the beach sand and it makes you less tired than the other wheels. The balloon wheels are more costly than the other normal wheels but it will worthy for you and it will give you an enjoyable ride on the beach. This is all here for today.


Making a beach cart is not easier for a normal person but in this article, I have shown you the easiest way to make a beach cart at home and I’m sure that it will help you a lot. If there is any problem or anything I need to improve then tell me in the comment section. Thank you for being with us

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