How to Build a Deer Cart?

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A deer cart especially for the hunters. every deer hunter must need a deer cart. But to buy a deer cart didn’t fulfill our all needs and they are costly also. I need a cart that can fulfill our all needs. The cart must be lightweight enough so that I can transport the cart. I want to use cycle wheels for low cost and cycle wheels can haul a lot. Besides, it moves any hill area. So without wasting any time let’s start.

What is a Deer Cart?

A deer cart is designed for transport, using two wheels and normally pulled by a man and it is used to carry deer. Normally a deer cart has two wheels and the wheels can move on any hill muddy surface.

How to Build a Deer Cart with cycle-wheels?

To build a deer cart we need to buy a few items. This is a proper guide on how to build a welding cart. Here I’ll show you every little thing step by step. This is a guide to low-cost deer cart making at home. 

The items you will need

  • A 10-foot section of 6/8 inch conduit6/
  • A 12-foot section of ½ inch conduit
  • A small rectangular wire fence piece (approx 6 ft x 4 ft
  • 2 bicycle-style wheels
  • tie straps
  • lock pins about six
  • Spray paint

When you have to manage all those items, Now you can start making a deer cart/game cart. When you go out into deer or wood hunting. This cart will come with cycle wheels, but you have money to spend on wheels then ill suggest you buy wheels that have tick tires and run on any surface. So let’s start

First, you need to take the conduit and stretch it out so that it will be laid flat. Now you have to put pins in it. One for the handle so you are walking and you can carry it out. 

Then you should come back in and lay the screen wire overtop. So you have to take the tie straps put in each spot around the edge to make it secure and then you have to go to clip the edges of the tie straps off. SO that it does not allow anything to hang this particular wire is also turned around the edges for extra security. 

For the axle, you ran the half-inch piece of conduit and you need to take two inexpensive tires. These two particulars come from old used bicycles. Now you insert those into the half-inch pipe. 

This will allow easy rolling. From we put the game or we can put the wheels. if it is ok now we can put our equipment on we headed to the stand as well. 

This is an easy way to making a deer cart at home. Now to make the cart long-lasting and make it shine and beautiful you can use spray paint. Which very easy you just have to paint the axle and the side frames of it. This will make your cart beautiful.

This is a low-cost deer cart-making guide. This guide will help you to build a low-cost game. The cost around 70 to 90bucks. That means less than 100 bucks.

The Uses of Deer Cart

If you are a hunter then a deer cart will help you in a lot of ways. It will make your hunting easier. You can put a deer in the cart move it. Sometimes you can use this cart for carrying wood too. If you want to buy a deer cart then you need to visit my website for the best deer cart.

Hope this article will help you a lot. If you have any question you can ask in the comment section

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