How to Build a Garden Cart

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A Garden cart is one of the most important tools for gardening. Now the question is what is the garden cart? the garden cart is a cart for carrying small has two handles and two or three wheels.

In this, you will get to know about how to build a garden cart and how to use it. If you don’t want to read the whole text you can also do it by watching the whole video.

What is a Garden Cart

without a garden, it is impossible to think about gardening. Now the question is how to build a garden cart? So in this tutorial, I am going to give you easy steps to build a garden cart.

Basically, a garden cart is a cart, and it is used in the garden to carrying tools, soil bags, plants, plants pots, stones, fertilizer bags, etc around the garden. Usually, a garden cart comes with two or four wheels. Most of the garden carts have a big basket or rack.

How to Build a Garden Cart

Before building a garden cart you need to buy or manage a few things. Now you will get a list of those things you need to buy. It will make things easy for you to build a garden cart easily with a few easy steps.

Things need to buy

  • A saw
  • 15/18inch length 3 pieces wooden board with 8/10 inches of width
  • 30 inch of width one and 5/7 inches of length and 2 inches of width wooden board
  • 1inch length 10 spikes or screws
  • Glue
  • Wheels or cycle wheels

How to Build a Garden Cart with wheels:

so let’s began building a garden cart you need basically a few wooden boards, a saw to cut the wooden board and a scale, glue, few screws of different sizes, etc. Then you have to cut the wood to make it the size you want, I suggest you cut it by the saw in 30 to 40inch width and then cut few more boards in 15 to 18inch for the length of the board.

You need to cut 3 boards into 15/18inch. Then glue them and join them with the wide board and you have to join them in the corner of the wide board. you have to cover 3side and one side will be clear to keep products. After joining the board pick up few screws then screw them with a screwdriver.

Remember for one side you need two screws and for three sides you need six screws or spikes. After screwing them in, the box will stronger and durable. you can use the aluminum frames to cover the edges of the box then it will be more durable. you have to cut those aluminum trims. you can use a miter saw to cut the aluminum trims.

Before cutting the aluminum trims make sure everything is fitted with the box mount those aluminum trims to the edges of the box you can use heavy-duty construction adhesive and also screws to mount to the box. Now the box becomes very much durable. Now you have to add wheels. You can have two or three wheels.

How to add wheels on a garden cart:

I suggest you use two wheels. Now I am going to say how to add wheels! To adding wheels you need to buy wheels or you can use your old cycle wheels. when you have wheels, you have to mount the wheels and the axles you can added treated wood underneath to give more stability. if want to know how to remove or change a garden wheel. then you can also read the article

In the axle that you can use a metal conduit piece of all thread with some washers and locknuts to mount the wheels. after adding the wheels you have to add handles, to install the handles you can use some treated 25 then you have to cut the rounded-edged 25. Now the handle is going to be made out of a 1inch dowel, then you have to drill the holes for the dowel to sit in.

Again you have to glue and screwing that thing. now if you have done all this your garden cart is ready, the garden cart is a little bit heavy and durable too. You can also color the wooden box if you want. you can color the wooden box to make it weatherproof.

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