How to Build a Kitchen Cart?

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A kitchen cart is a built-in furniture installed in many kitchens for storage cooking equipment and silverware and dishes for table service. The term kitchen cart denotes a built-in kitchen installation of either a floor or a wall cart. Most of the kitchen carts have four wheels and it helps to move the cart. So that you can easily change the location of the kitchen cart.


The kitchen cart was invented in the twenty century. Before buying cabinets, precise measurements are essential otherwise there may be un-utilized space. The European carts have different sizes than the Americans. Most of the carts have 24inches in width and 34/35 inches in the deep. The height of a cart is 30 inches.

How to build a kitchen Cart

when you are going to build a kitchen cart you need a few tools and materials, So first I’m going to list down the important tools materials. 

tools & materials 

  • saw
  • Spikes
  • hammer
  • wooden board
  • Glue
  • drill
  • Four stainless/rubber wheels

After managing all of these items you need to make the design of that cart you want to build. The design will give you the final look of that cart and it will help you cut the wooden board in the perfect size you want.

By doing all this stuff we can start to make the kitchen cart. Take the wide board and mark the size. After marking the size you have to cut the wide board in that size with three pieces. After cutting out you have to go to them to their whip. So you need to go over the corners on each of the pieces, just mark them as templates.

Now use the band saw to cut these over the templates. Alright, now you need to put a bowl nose round on the edge of all the pieces. Do the edges first and then do the long grain that will prevent any blowout. Now you need to cut the six-leg that will support the tables. you need to use the table saw sled.

You need to find the center of all these legs, which will make it a little bit easier for you when it comes time to drill a hole in the middle. Now you need o drill the mating holes on the shelves, so you need to start with the bottom shelf and drill the hole. Drill both undersides about halfway through. After that glue them in place,

Now push small long rakers and put the legs over it and make it tight hammered two or three Then put another wide wooden board on it and use spikes to join it together

Now take the upper Top board use on the holes and use spikes for a strong joint. Now then we need joint wheels on the legs drill small in the middle of the legs and use the small spikes to joint the wheels. Boom! So now the cart is ready to move. you can also color the cart if you like.


Tough kitchens are rooms for making food, carts where to store food, cooking types of equipment need to be clean. Now you can ask how to clean a kitchen cart? For dust cleaning, you can a part microfiber cloth or feather dusters. If there is some kind of liquid dust ot smudge then you can use a wet cloth to clean or if the smudge didn’t remove then use a liquid cleaner to clean it.


This article is all about making a kitchen cart at home in a short time. This is the easiest way to making a simple kitchen cart. If you follow the article properly you will get knowledge of how to making a wooden kitchen cart. If there are any questions you can email me or ask in the comment sector. I hope this content will help you a lot

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