How to Build a Utility Cart?

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A utility cart is needed for all of us. Utility cart uses it in many ways. It can use in the laundry room, hotel, guest room, kitchen bathroom. It is used to organized things in the laundry room, hotel, kitchen, guest room. so now the question is what is a utility cart? how to use organized or use a utility cart? and the most important is how to build a utility cart?

What is a utility cart?

A utility cart is a cart delivering meals for room service, a transport cart with the right weight capacity. It is a cart used to transport things. Most of the utility cart has four wheels, and three or four shelves, and a handle. The built material of a utility cart is metal, steel, or aluminum, wooden. It is used to keep things organized way. In the marketplace, you will find many types of utility carts to know more about it.

 how to build a utility cart with wheels?

You need few things before build a utility cart and now in this article, you will get to know about how to build a wooden utility cart. To build a wooden utility cart the things you need to buy or manage.

Build materials and tools

  • AC Plywood 3pieces-30″x20″
  • Plywood 2pieces 10″x18″
  • plywood 4pieces 34″x5″
  • 4pieces of caster 2″ wheels
  • glue, stain
  • wood filler
  • 2,1/2″ & 1,1/4 screws
  • Safety gloves, glass
  • Saw, Jigsaw
  • Calk line, measure tape
  • Drill machines and drill bits.

Now take the AC plywood and mark 30 inches with the pencil use the saw to cut the plywood edge to edge. After that take the plywood and cut it out with 20″ inches for the width. Alright now you have to cut for a middle shelve and it is also 20″ inches of width.

Now you need to cut the legs. Take the first one and use that to mark and cut the plywood into four pieces. After ripping down the legs, you have to cut down the materials for the sides. The overall height of the cart is about 34inches, So take your measure tape and measure from the edge of the plywood up and put a mark at 34inches. 

After that you have to subtract for the height of the caster, so hold the caster even with the edge of the plywood and I put a mark. Measure between the two lines to get the height of the legs 29 and 3/4. We should cut them a little bit longer making it rough. 

Now you have to take all of your pieces and stack them on top of one another making them even on this end right here so this will ensure that with one cut all four leg pieces are the same length.

 Each leg is being made out of two pieces of plywood and we cut one of them, three-quarters of an inch wider than the other one.

 That’s because we are going to them together with a butt joint and we want to make sure both dimensions are the same and to join them, you can use pocket screws. To drill the holes for the pocket screws you have to use jigs, this will hold the drill at the right point, 

Now use a drill to make small holes for the screws, after bead glue on the edge and joint them. Now screwed them. You have to do it for all four sides.

Now we are going to add the top and bottom shelves using pocket screws, So take the bottom shelve and make holes with the drill. Using glue to join the board and then screwed it for more durability. Do this for all of the four legs in the same way.

 After making this add the side wood for the bottom shelf by using glue. Now take legs and joint them. So now you have to take the front shelf and fix it in the same way.

To add wheels you have to drill holes in one leg and screwed the caster wheels do this for all the legs and done. You can also add a handle too.

If you follow every step you will get the perfect cart, Now a question arises that you need three shelves then make the height about 45 inches, and take another 30″x20″ inches plywood.

How to organize a Utility cart?

To organize a utility cart, First, you have to make sure where you want to keep that cart such as the bathroom, kitchen, hotel, living room, etc. After making sure that where you want to set that cart, so now we can start

The first and the top section is for tissue boxes, snacks pots, perfume pots, toothbrushes, keyrings, sanitizers, and massage boxes this is a bedroom, hotel, or guest room. For kitchen Small pots, spices pot such as garlic powder pot, pepper powder pot, yellow powder pot. For the washroom, you can keep soups, cloths washer jar, small pots for other items that are highly needed in the top.

Now the second and the last shelf for towels, three towels one for legs, one for body and the one for hair and a soup on the top, These are kept in a hotel, bedroom, guest room, etc. Now for the kitchen, you can keep bowls, pans, and other kitchen items on the second shelf. Now for the bathroom, you can keep toilet cleaner, bathroom cleaner, brush etch.

If you have made a cart with three shelves then you can add more things for a better service and it will help you a lot.

This will give you an idea about how to organize a utility cart and a brief discussion about how to build a utility cart. Hope this content will help you a lot to build and organize a utility cart. This all about the keyword if you feel any problem or if you need any help ask me in the comment section I will help you with a proper guidance counselor.

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