How to Build a Welding Cart?

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Welding cart is one of the most important things for welders. If you are a welder then you must need a welding cart. With a welding cart, you can keep your all welding items in an organized way. In this article, we are going to discuss how to build a welding cart. By following these steps you can make your welding cart at your garage.

What is a welding cart?

Welding is a process of joins materials such as metal steel aluminum. Providing high heat to melt the parts together and joint together. A welding cart is a cart for welder and it is used to keep things MIG, TIG, SMAW welding machine volt miter, screw, drill, and other items. A welding cart is very needy for welders. This will help you to keep your all welding items adequately and you don’t need to worry about losing items. 

How to build a welding cart with drawers? 

To Build a welding cart you need to arrange a few items, such as a metal sheet, metal bar, MIG welding machine, etc. Now, I’ll describe the important items you need and they are

  • metal bed
  • metal frames 20 foot
  • 3 shelve design
  •  Optional to go to dual tanks( tig/plasma cutter)
  • Swing-out Tank holder
  •  Weld gun holder
  • Angle grinder holder
  • Bandsaw
  • Clamp holder organizer
  • Additional storage bin
  •  Measure tape
  • welding helmet
  • four glider wheels

The measure of the three shelves is the top shelf measure is 17″x12″ inch middle shelf measure is 17.5″x13 and the bottom shelf measure is 18″x15″ inches.

 The length of the metal frame is about 20 feet. This is a perfect size for a welding cart. Now let’s start. First, measure the metal frame and mark it then use the bandsaw to cut. 

You need to cut four for the bottom, four for length long, four for top, and another four for the middle shelf. After cutting all of the pieces. Now you have to work for the base rack Take those cutting frames for the bottom shelf and make a good joint by welding them. 

Then welded the bracing in for where the tank would sit. Now add in the cross supports. When you finished that with the bottom shelf then let’s work for the mid and the upper. 

Now take those four metal frames for the middle and another four for the top rack. Now weld them in the measured size. Once all the shelves have been done now you have to add the side braces to connect all three of them together. 

You need to use a spare piece here spare two layings around and clamped it down here right in the middle so the top shelf had something to rest against to get to the desired angle. 

You can use a digital angle and adjusted it to 95degrees because it will create a little bit of a ramp. Then make sure everything is inline. Now add the wheels.

 You can use wheels of different sizes between front and back wheels. After adding those wheels next task is to secure the tanks, use the weld on a hinge to allow the arm to rotate, and use the latch clamp to lock it into place. 

Now making a front handle out of a round tube. Weld the handle in the top. Now you can add a drawer with your adjustable size on the middle shelf. You can also add tubes for cable hiding. This is you can easily be made a welding cart. For more information, you can check out this link

The Uses of Welding Cart:

A welding cart is used by the welders. It is a cart where a welder stores his all welding items and welding machine. It helps us to keep things in an organized way and don’t need to worry about losing items. 

It also helps us to find things in a moment and it saves our usable time. A welding cart has four wheels so that we can move out with our items when we need it this made our life easy. 

Specialty, when a welder has to, goes out with a MIG welding machine and other items this cart will help him to go out with everything he would need. 


The full detailed article about making a welding cart. It is not an easy job. If you follow things step by step this will help you a lot. There is a video link also and it will help you too. Hope you follow the instructions step by step. If you have any questions or any kind of help needed then ask in the comment section below.

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