How to Remove Wheels from Garden Cart

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we all have a nice little or big garden. For gardening we need to take things from one place to another you need a garden cart. Now if you have a garden cart sometimes you will have to face some problem then you need to remove or change the wheels of the garden cart.

It is not a hard task to remove it if you know the proper way! But if you don’t know how to remove wheels from your garden cart then it becomes a hard task for you. so I am here to tell you, How to remove wheels from your garden cart. so let’s get started.

What Is a Garden Cart

A garden cart is a vehicle designed to transport, using two or wheels and pulled or pushed by hand. Garden carts are used to transport garden items such as pots, cement bags, soil bags, plants, plant-jar, etc. A garden is made of aluminum, steel, metal, polypropylenes. Most of the garden carts are made of metal or steel and they ensured heavy-duty build quality.

How to remove wheels from a garden cart

How to Replace Garden Cart wheel

To change the wheels first thing you need to buy universal wheels. After buying the wheels you need to do remove the old wheels. Sometimes the old wheels get rusted and it can’t come out from the axle.


The ring right around the axle is fixed to the axle. You can use a grinder or flat file to chamfer the axle. Use an emery cloth to remove any rust on the exposed axle. Then Apply penetrating oil to the joint of the axle to the inner race.

A few moments later when it gets soaked in. Then pull the cotter pin out then the old wheels will lift off. Or you can put a short piece of pipe or a large socket over the axle stub.

Now butt the pipe/socket against the “ring” and tap the setup driving the wheel inward. Once the wheel shifts inward you should see a broken off the cotter key in the axle. Once the wheels are off that leave from an axle. then you need to put the new universal wheel.

It may go straight on or not, If in your case not. If the axle is larger than the wheel, then you need to implement something of some sort so that you can poke through it.


So you can use a quarter-inch extension this will go eight inside and there is a lip and it will beat on it with the out part and open-air of course and it will come out. the part that comes out looks like a wheel bearing, there are two of them.

You need both of them out. now you take those black adapters. then you need to put the appropriate adapter for your axle size, put it in the wheel, after this put on the wheels in the axle and the wheels will fit on it.


Taking off screw by wrench

Moreover, you need to add axle grease between the plastic adapter and the axle, then you need to put the cotter pin back on and that’s all your wheel is ready and your cart is ready to move.

If you are having a cart with this kind of bolt then you have used a Cone wrench to unscrew the screw. Now if you want to change the wheel or tire.

Before you need to buy a wheel or tire. So you can easily change it. Use the screw and the cone wrench to screwed it again.

Hope you understand. If you follow step by step you will do it easily, and hope you like this tutorial. That me here singing out see you again

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