how to use a kayak cart

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A kayak cart is a cart that can carry a kayak to reduce the weight of it and lift it to move. In a kayak cart, there are two or four wheels and it hauls the cart to move on any surface. Mainly a kayak cart can help to move a boat or kayak. A kayak cart is lightweight, foldable, and compact. It is easy to store and after fold it, you can place it freely. The wheels of a cart help to put the weight of a boat and it’s made easy to move the boat. Regardless it is using to reduce the risk of getting injured. One of the most identical important of using a cart is it will eliminate the strain of carrying a boat or kayak. You can use a kayak cart for multiple uses. There are two types of kayak cart and they are:

  • strap style kayak cart
  • plug style kayak cart

Strap style kayak cart is a cart it’s come with straps that can help to haul your boat or kayak properly, It will help to distribute the weight of a kayak. It also helps to position the kayak towards the center.

The second type of kayak cart is plug-style kayak cart. Actually, plug style carts don’t have any straps, It has two plugs and it is used for those kayaks or boats have scupper holes. after setting things you don’t need any straps. This system is not useful for sit-inside kayaks or boats

Now, I am going to describe how to use a kayak cart? It is a little bit hard to put a kayak or a boat on the cart. You need a little bit of practice to do that. I am here to guide you on the proper and easiest way to do it. 

Strap or platform style kayak cart

The first thing you can do is lift up the kayak and positioned it in line with the stern, Then adjust the angles of the side of the boat and bring the bow into the line. After balancing the edge then check the balance, If you do weight distribution properly the back has to be positioned on the wheels and not tip. Though this cart has a strap now carefully strapped it. However, it is a tough job to strapped it around. 

plug style kayak cart

Now, The second type of cart is plug style and the importance of this cart is the kayak is easily balanced on the cart. You don’t need to unload the cart. First, keep your kayak on the side so you can access the bottom of the hull, then you need to remove them beforehand so that your kayak can be loaded onto your cart. Then lift the cart plug poles into the relevant scupper holes and this will close the back of the boat. put the kayak on its side and align the pegs of the scupper cart with the drain holes of the kayak and insert them, After doing this stuff now turn the kayak back over.

Hold carefully the cart when you are doing this because if you do it in hurry the plugs can be dislodged. Now check everything is okay and clear so you can able to lift the bow to pull it.


May now you can easily set up everything and hope this article will help you a lot. A kayak cart is very helpful for haul a kayak or boat it distributes the weight so that you can easily move that cart.

However, if i did any mistakes or I can miss anything or you want to know more let us know by commenting below.

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